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Thanks for popping in! Here's a little about me:

  • I’m 25 and I was born in Perth, Western Australia. 

  • I grew up on a missionary ship with my family and 350 other full-time volunteers, travelling around Africa and Southeast Asia.

  •  When I was 19, I flew to Guatemala on a one-way ticket and spent 10 months learning Spanish and living between Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador.

  •  I met my wonderful husband, Matt, at church in Newcastle (Australia) in 2018. We started dating in February 2020, got engaged in January 2021, and were married in June that year.

  •  In 2021 I was diagnosed autistic, and it’s something I’m still learning about and sharing as I go. I’m always open to any questions about it!

  •  Matt and I moved to Adelaide, South Australia in November 2021 and now live in our little unit with our cat Michonne and jungle python, Missy (check her out in my Instagram stories). 

  •  I’ve wrestled with depression and anxiety in various forms, so I’m passionate about sharing my experiences in the hope that it will encourage others who also struggle.

  •  I work full-time as the writer and editor for Anxious Faith, a ministry exploring the intersection of faith and mental health. I LOVE what my team and I get to do.

  •  Some loves of mine include fishing, sewing dresses (with pockets, of course), rainbow-ordered bookshelves, twinkle lights, red wine, and travelling. 

  •  My dream is to be an author. I’m currently working on a memoir as my first long-form piece of work. When I’m procrastinating from that, I’m over here sharing thoughts and blog posts!

  •  I am positively TERRIFIED of birds and I have no idea why...

  •  My favourite TV shows include Friends, Below Deck, and any period drama (iykyk). ​​


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. And now, I want to know you! The best way to connect with me is through socials, or by writing to me here:

p.s. I try to be an open book, so if you ever have questions about anything I have (or haven’t) shared, hit me with them! 

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