Madeleine Grace

Hiya there! Whether you've come here on purpose or have stumbled through the interweb to land on this site by accident, welcome.

My name is Madeleine Grace, and I'm the writer behind this site. I live in Newcastle, Australia with my husband, Matt, our cat, Michonne, and a black-and-gold jungle python, Missy. (The reiteration of M-names is, I assure you, a pure coincidence.)

I grew up as a missionary kid. My family and I lived onboard a ship, the M.V. Doulos, which travelled around third-world countries in Africa and South East Asia to bring help and hope to the communities we visited.

By the time I moved back to Australia at age 11, I'd spent most of my life on the sea, and had lived across 46 different countries. Because of that background, I learned early on that stories have the power to break down barriers; be it social, ethnic, age or culture. Everyone has a story to share.

All my life, I've wanted to be a writer. It's more than a love of words for me; it's a way of living and sharing stories that connect people across all experiences and cultures.


Once labelled as an 'over sharer', I now use my passion for vulnerability to write stories that are crucially honest and raw. I believe that words have a lot of power, and it's my goal to use them to bring hope to others.

I'm 23 now, and still figuring out adulthood and all it entails. When I'm not procrastinating from Uni studies or writing stories to share, I'm likely holed up in an introverted cave of creativity; whether it's sewing dresses, attempting watercolours or mucking around with crafts and a hot glue gun, you can guarantee it'll be gloriously messy and marvellously fun. 

And on that note, I'll leave you be. You'll learn more of who I am through everything that I write.


And please, get in touch: I want to know you too.


Catch you on the flip side!